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Why can't I just have my friend take my pictures?

Although everyone has a smart phone or DSLR, it takes a lot more than just owning these items.  You'd be surprised to find out the hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars) I've spent training, learning and practicing while honing my craft.  It didn't happen overnight.  Along with patience it truly takes skill and a special someone who knows the safety of handling your precious new baby to place and capture them in the curly bendy positions that are the current rave.  Furthermore, it is important that the photographer knows what type of tranquil warm environment as well as lighting and camera gear is needed for a safe, successful session.

This stage in your baby's life is fleeting.  Freezing time for this moment is of utmost importance.  Mom is still recuperating and parents are so sleep deprived during the first few weeks that they forget those tiny details -- from the flaky skin to just how huge their hands looked compared to the tiny ones of their bundle of joy.  What's so great about it all is that I get to capture every minute detail for parents to preserve for generations to come, something that the next door "wanna-be" photographer neighbor simply cannot.

INVEST in your memories! 


I saw a picture on Pinterest, can you do it?

Wait, I thought you liked my work as my work! :-)  Each photographer's style is different.  My goal is to please you and meet your expectations.  While I don't copy other photographer's images I will attempt to capture something with a similar aspect.  Not every client, especially babies, is the same.  What may work for one may not work for another.  This is due to lighting, ability of the pose, body type and size as well as other factors.  We can discuss such details in our initial consult.


How long will the session last?

  • Newborn 2-4 hours To allow for feeding, diaper change, settling.  If baby is fussy it may take longer.  Sometimes baby need extra time and great patience is needed.
  • Birthing From active labor until two hours after delivery
  • Most others up to an hour


Where will we take our photos?

  • Maternity, newborn and sitters take place in the home studio.  Maternity can also be shot on-location.
  • Birthing images are captured wherever your labor & delivery is scheduled to take place -- hospital, home or birth center.
  • All other sessions are on-location.


What happens if it rains?

Because Miami is known for it's random rain storms and hurricane season we stay glued to the weather app whenever we have outdoor sessions. When we make our appointment we can discuss a potential rain date.  Should we have foul weather, the session will be postponed to our rain date.  Unless your session is more than a twenty mile radius of 33177 you will be notified within one hour of the scheduled time.  Otherwise, it would be ninety minutes.


Do you have a studio?

Licensed and insured we have a home studio.  Feel free to set up an appointment to stop by and take a look.


When is the best time to book my session?

Since I only work with 2-3 newborns in one week, the best time to book your newborn session is as soon as you know your due date to avoid disappointment or at the latest, during your second trimester.  Of course your little may come earlier or later than the actual date but what scheduling does is gets you on the calendar with a tentative date and once your tiny is here we can adjust your session date.  Due to being booked, last minute sessions are often turned away, unfortunately.


When should I do my pictures?

  • For maternity it is suggested at 32-36 weeks gestation.
  • For newborn, no more than two weeks old with 5-10 days being the best age for those curly bendy poses.
  • Cake smashes are great between 10 and 12 months old.


When should I expect my pictures?

At the conclusion of your session, an appointment is made for your gallery reveal + ordering session.  Within 24-48 hours a sneak peek is posted on social media (currently, Facebook and Instagram).  Your images will be ready within two weeks from the date of your session.


Do you shoot larger families?

Not unless it's for previous clients.


Someone made an outfit for my newborn, can we use it?

Shannon's style is simple and the focus is on the baby.  I will do my best to accommodate and incorporate your requests with one item that is meaningful to you but there are no guarantees.  Please know that she has sought out the best vendors -- domestic and abroad -- who specialize in designing newborn clothing that perfectly fit your pumpkin and are made to easily put on/remove.  Whatever extras you plan on bringing to your session please run it by us before bringing it.  


What should I bring to the shoot?

Once your session is booked you will receive a welcome packet that includes what should be brought to your session.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  You will make three payments, the first being 50% of the total with the remainder given monthly.


Do you travel?

While we would love to keep costs down and remain in the general vicinity of the home studio, for an extra fee for outside of the area yes, we do travel.  However, all newborn sessions take place in-studio.


Do you offer wedding photography?

Yes, if it's an intimate party of 60 or less guests.


Would you be willing to do a shoot at my home?

Yes, but only for non-newborn sessions.